Self-Compassion & Resilience in 2021

How about giving yourself the same kind of compassion as you would give others in 2021?

Sounds simple – but for many of us, we reserve our compassion and empathy for others – especially those of us who fulfil formal and informal caregiving roles.

Resilience requires an ability to enact mental clarity, emotional balance, fortitude, and vision - particularly in times of turbulence, uncertainty and disruption.

Let’s face it, 2021 may be a new year, but the context is likely to be very similar to 2020. In order to move from self-doubt and inaction to clarity and action, self-compassion is another skill which enables us to move forward with confidence and helps us to build our resilience.

Ask yourself? Is my perspective toward myself the same as I would afford a friend or colleague who is facing a challenge or setback?

Self-compassion is not about letting yourself off the hook and being complacent – this is a myth. Rather, it is the foundation for resilience and helps you to build the courage to face challenges and realities head-on. Self-compassion is foundational to resilience. Having compassion for yourself means that you are aware of and accept your humanness as well as the humanness of others

Here are three tips for self-compassion:

1. Identify your own feelings

2. Practice self-forgiveness

3. Give yourself comfort

Consider how you could leverage the same compassion you do with others to treat yourself more compassionately in 2021 and beyond.

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