Self Awareness and Managing Personal Emotions at Work

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When we are self aware, we are able to tune in more easily to how we are feeling and why we are feeling that way. Being in a mindful space where we are able to critically reflect gives us the ability to apply reason to emotion. The key is to be aware of our emotional responses and understand what might be behind them. By doing this we can apply some reasoning to situations and interactions in the workplace.

  • How do I feel about this situation and/or interaction?

  • What do I think I should do about it?

  • What effect would that have for me and for my colleagues?

  • Does this action fit with my values and/or the values of the organisation?

  • If not, what else could I do that might fit better?

  • Is there anyone else that I could ask about this who might help me?

Being able to manage our emotions results in maintaining perspective and an ability to interact cooperatively with others.

"Emotional intelligence is defined by Macquarie Dictionary as "an innate ability to manage one's own emotions and emotional responses in others".

This article talks about EQ and the importance if having high EQ in the workplace

"The good news is that emotional intelligence can be taught, and if you can master your own feelings, it can benefit your colleagues". - source

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