Moving from self-compassion to self-awareness: Mastering Stress as a vehicle to your Resilience

Updated: Jan 25

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At PeerThinc we have had an early year focus on self-compassion. In working with our clients, we have been highlighting that in order to even apply the principles of self-compassion, we need to be self-aware.

Self-awareness is important for a wide range of reasons – it can enable us to develop both our personal and professional selves, the way we connect with others and most importantly – it can help us improve our overall well-being leading us towards a happier and fulfilled life.

Many people we support are emergency responders ranging from policing and firefighting to social workers, doctors and animal rescue workers. As responders in the “high touch professions” we are required to give something of ourselves in the work we do. In order to do this effectively (both for ourselves and our clients) we also need to be self-aware. It is an essential quality, helping us to better deal with people who are like and different from ourselves as we work in a world filled with complexity, diversity and more.

Research suggests that the outcome of a behaviour such as self-care is the state of self-awareness. The path from self-care to self-awareness to wellbeing is significantly stronger than the direct path from self-care to well-being; as it encompasses our ability to notice our feelings, physical sensations, reactions, habits, behaviour and thoughts. Noticing to notice how we are feeling, and thinking is a critical step in self-awareness.

Internal self-awareness is associated with higher job and relationship satisfaction, personal and social control, and happiness; it is negatively related to anxiety, stress, and depression.” HBR article

Mastering stress contributes to our ability to be self-aware and therefore enhances our own wellbeing, increasing the quality of services we are able to provide to others.

Our PeerThinc Building Resilient Leaders PROGRAM covers this and more.

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