Jan 26th - What's the big deal?

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For First Nations people, it can be a distressing day. Jan 26th started decades of pain for many First Nations people. It’s hard for many Aboriginal people to participate in, at the same time, we want to celebrate Australia. We are deeply connected to our country and want to invite our non-Aboriginal friends to connect with us.

As a non-Aboriginal person, it's not unusual to be isolated from First Nations persons. Perhaps you don't know any First Nations people but you want to know more. You want to help and be inclusive. At PeerThinc we encourage everyone to gain a deeper understanding of the history of Australia. This might be challenging if you were taught differently or haven’t had much exposure to the history at all. Here are some suggestions to bridge your thinking and to connect in a peaceful self-paced way.

Learn more about Aboriginal history. Check out this time-line of events.

A great way that we can connect with each other is through events that are hosted by First Nations People. Non-Aboriginal people are welcomed into these events and there is great beauty in being able to celebrate culture and country together. Attending a Reconciliation event, a music festival or Sorry Day smoking ceremony. It shows you care about our recovery as a culture and bringing us together on country.

For further reading, please check these two deadly links out.



At Peer Thinc we celebrates a unified national identity. Please contact us for further information on how you can become a vehicle for cultural humility and awareness in your organisation and greater ally in this space.

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