People are shopping on their smart phones: People are working on their mobile phones.

In fact to be globally connected using technology is now a MUST!

Which is WHY we bring you a way to be Mentored, be Inspired and get Connected to incredible minds from around the globe.

At PeerThinc we want to help create, grow and develop humans looking for a leg up, that promotion or help with uncovering that next new idea.

By using the latest technology we connect you with Peers and Mentors from around the world; No longer are you hindered by being remote or taking time away from the office, we can reach you anywhere, anytime.

Everyone, no matter what age or stage they are, deserves a Mentor to support them in their journey; PeerThinc is born!

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Phone: +61 488 440 500    - Kristen AUS

Phone: +61 423 585 096    - Angela AUS

Phone: +61 499 031 432    - Deborah AUS

Phone: +61 421 998 081    - Sean AUS

Phone: +61 417 806 986    - Jen AUS

Phone: +44 7716 084 205  - Gary UK

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