Bringing in the New Year and Closing 2020

Pic credit: House Call Doctor

When SA Health developed the hashtag #CatchFeelingsNOTCOVID for New Year’s Eve safety strategy, it was enough to make me feel a little more positive about the horrendous year we’ve endured and hopeful that we’ve put the worst behind us.

Reflecting back on 2020 is full of unpredictable twists and turns and yet Australians everywhere managed to stay resilient, some discovering a well of resilience they didn’t know they had and understandably, a lot of people struggling with loss of income, deteriorating mental health and increasing isolation with no end in sight.

But Australians did get through it, with hope and recovery in mind and like any bonded community, they did it together, stayed connected and will recover together. Despite our differences in the world, Australia was mostly able to stay safe, follow the strategies and wait it out. We flattened the curve. This is resilience in action.

At Peer Thinc we’re excited about forging a new togetherness with you and your employees to forge ahead with future orientated goals and achieve outcomes. We’ll do this with our team of experts including me: the newest addition to the team, a professional Aboriginal clinical social worker to ensure that Peer Thinc and our practice is inclusive to our First Nations peoples. Aboriginal cultures and their peoples have resilience embedded in our DNA having survived all this time despite challenges upon us.

We look forward to working with you in 2021.

Catherine McLaren

Principal First Nations Consultant

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