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PeerThinc Co-Founder

Kristen Raison

Kristen is the Founder and Creative behind PeerThinc.


She is also the Managing Director of High Heel Consulting, working with Individuals & Businesses to support their people and growth. 

Kristen is an Accredited  Resilience at Work (R@W) Accredited Coach and Educator who helps to empower people during times of change and disruption. 


Her mission is all about inspiring and supporting people through the power of mentoring and connecting.

Mentor type:

😀 Selfless

😁 Lives Reciprocity

😆 Rational

😊 Respectful

E: contact@peerthinc.com



PeerThinc Co-Founder

Angela Powell

Angela possesses over 26 years of local and international experience where she has provided counselling, coaching & mentoring in a range of health care and organisational settings. She is genuine and passionate about empowering and assisting people to reach their full potential.  Areas of expertise include leadership, team/group dynamics and performance, resilience, mental health in the workplace and worker well-being.


Angela teaches at the University of South Australia in the School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy and holds extensive professional qualifications. She combines these professional qualifications with the best resources and recent research available to provide services to a range of industries in her role as the Director of Live Well Counselling & Consulting and as a PeerThinc Mentor.  Angela will assist you to identify and develop strategies that will help you to overcome challenges so you may thrive and achieve optimal well-being and performance in life and work

Mentor type:

😀 Empathetic

😁 Engaging

😆 Supportive

😊 Inspiring

E: contact@peerthinc.com



PeerThinc Mentor

Deborah Madigan

Deborah has many years of experience in Retail, Pharmacy and Dental Management and Operations. Growing businesses through working closely with people are her passion. Deborah loves learning and is currently studying Management at UniSA. Deborah owns two e-commerce websites and thrives on giving amazing service.

Mentor type:

😀 Passionate

😁 Dedicated

😆 Pragmatic

😊 Energetic

E: deborah.peerthinc@gmail.com

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PeerThinc Marketing

Marwa Hajay

Marwa is an enthusiastic explorer who strives to learn and grow.


She enjoys marketing and simplifying complex business processes.


Marwa is passionate about helping people and businesses to grow

Mentor type:

😀 Team Player

😁 Passionate

😆 Responsible

😊 Persistent

E: contact@peerthinc.com 

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PeerThinc Mentor

Jen Clark

Jen's passions include science, quizzes and helping people shine.  Strengths include laughing, thinking outside the box, and telling it how it is.  Experiences have been diverse in fashion and travel retail; higher education; gender equity; developing confidence, networking and leadership skills in people of very diverse backgrounds and career stages.  Often described as enthusiastic and loud, but Jen prefers the word vibrant!

Mentor type:

😀 Passionate

😁 Enabling

😆 Engaging

😊 Practical

E: jen.peerthinc@gmail.com


Personal and Professional Growth

Why PeerThinc?

We can help with


We provide a safe environment where the mentee shares whatever issues affect his or her professional and personal success. 

Personal Growth

Our tailored coaching focus on developing greater awareness of self, personal presence and the ability to effectively influence across complex environments.

Resilience and Wellbeing

Resilience enables you to stay productive in your workplace or situations that are increasingly turbulent, complex and pressured.


Defining the kind of leader you want to become, we use everything from our coaching consultations and one to one work to craft a robust plan to help you achieve your executive goals.

Managing Stress

How are you building mini recovery and reset activities into your daily routine?

Professional Growth

By developing leaders with an inclusive and agile mindset who appreciate individual difference; are agile in their management style; focus on outcomes, and foster a sense of belonging.


"I just had to tell you that the seminar this morning was the best one I’ve been a part of all year (and I’ve tried to consume everything I can on resilience etc to help me adjust to all the changes that have been happening). The feeling of the presenters was so genuine, and I found it so cathartic and supportive to just be part of a group of people sharing their struggles and the ways that they have found to help overcome them.


I also learned some really interesting new things, and am looking forward to flipping through the slides or re-watching the recording to check them out in some more detail."


 The University of Adelaide


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